Release trailer and release date for the series "Fanatic"

Netflix announced the world premiere of his new series “Fanatic”, directed by Roger Gual (7 years, Cable Girls, The Mess You Leave) which will take place next july 29.

The story follows Spain’s biggest musical idol, who takes his own life in front of his fans at the first concert of a world tour. Lázaro, a young food delivery man and unconditional fan, sees an opportunity to escape from his monotonous and precarious life and overnight becomes what he has been admiring for a long time: his own fanatic.

Embrace his image, his music, his life and his fans. Under the pressure of a music industry that sees the opportunity not to lose everything achieved with the star, Lázaro turns all aspects of his life into a show. Even if it means giving up a real life.

The cast of the series is headed by the actor, singer and composer Lorenzo Ferro (The Angel, Narcos: Mexico), who plays Salva and Lázaro, the two versions of Quimera, together with the musician Dollar Selmouni as Pompa, the actress and singer Carlota Urdiales (Balls) in the character of Mia, Eva Almeida (The Return) Interpreting Clara and Fernando Valdivielso (Up to heaven, You will not kill) What Hector.

The new production has Dani del Águila (Mothers. Love and life), Federico Maniá Sibona and Yago de Torres (Adagio, Yesterday it flourished) as writers and creators.

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