Relive the history of Xbox in the virtual museum of Microsoft

Continuing the 20th anniversary celebrations for Halo and the original Xbox, this week Microsoft launched a virtual Xbox museum that reviews the history of the brand from its origins to the present day.

The museum will be for many the first approach to the much commented metaverse, because it is a virtual three-dimensional representation that can be traversed using an avatar.

However, like any museum, the visit will not be exclusive, because we will see other users contemplating some of the most important moments in Xbox history, both with the default avatar and with custom models.

Digital exhibits are separated by console generation, arranged chronologically, and are identified by different platforms. Once activated, the user accesses a new page that includes a short introduction in text format and one or more videos with narrated archive material or some of the protagonists commenting on their experiences.

Every moment in the Xbox 20-year timeline has a story associated with it, and it’s not just the company’s victories that are present. Two of the most important failures are immortalized in the museum: the infamous Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death, which destroyed millions of consoles over a design problem; and the letter in which Microsoft proposed to Nintendo bosses to buy the company, which resulted in a meeting in which the Japanese burst out laughing.

There are 132 moments in total that can be reviewed directly from the browser, using the mouse and keyboard to move around the virtual environment. Each of them has its own link to share on social networks and all content is completely in Spanish.

The Xbox Virtual Museum

But that’s not all, because the hub principal offers the option to link the Microsoft account to access a personal version of the museum, which reviews the history of the user with the four generations of Xbox consoles, including the number of games played on each, the first time you connected with your count, the first games you played and even the number of achievements you have made.

It’s an excellent initiative from Microsoft to honor the legacy of the creators of Xbox while taking fans on a journey through brand and personal history.

You can tour the Xbox museum in this link.

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