'Relleno still has 23 years of life'

‘Relleno still has 23 years of life’

Ciudad Juárez.— The life of the sanitary landfill is still 23 years, stated the director of Limpia, Gibrán Solís, who said that it can be further increased if adequate waste treatment is carried out, which will be included in the technical annexes for the tender this year for the concession for garbage collection and the operation of the deposit.

This statement contrasts with that of the Secretary of Urban Development and Ecology, Gabriel Valdez, who assured this week that due to the multiple fires that have occurred in the garbage dump, the municipal government must evaluate whether to maintain that location or seek a new place.

The foregoing, since it is likely that the current location of the landfill has already completed its useful life, Valdez said.

Solís explained yesterday that the sanitary landfill was opened in 1994 with a projected duration of 50 years, but that time can be extended by modifying the operation of the place.

He said that the deposit is located on a 200-hectare property where the first two macrocells have already been built -which are the places where the garbage is buried-, each one with a surface area of ​​40 hectares, therefore there is an occupation of 80 hectares of total land.

The first macrocell was closed in 2006 and the second, with adjustments that have been made in this administration, has been able to extend its useful life from two to five years, apart from the space available to build the third macrocell on an area of ​​between 35 and 40 hectares, exposed Solís.

“With all this, I think we will be close and with good waste management, we will exceed the useful life of 50 years that was the original plan for the sanitary landfill arranged in 1994,” he declared.

He said that the original project was for it to last until 2044, but within the renewals of the contracts for the concession of garbage collection and the operation of the sanitary landfill, the Municipality will have the opportunity to request better management of recyclable waste. to the companies that win the bids.

The current contract with the company Promotora Ambiental de la Laguna (PASA) for garbage collection and operation of the deposit, which is operated by Yvasa, due to the fact that it was subcontracted by PASA, expires on September 4, 2023.

“We are going to make sure that in the next tender the company that wins for the correct management and operation of the sanitary landfill includes the main activities that for some reason have not been carried out, since they were not included in the contract for the sanitary landfill. 2006”, he mentioned.

He affirmed that one of these actions is the separation of recyclable materials, with all this it will be possible to extend the useful life of the sanitary landfill and in turn prevent fires in the deposit.

“This part of recycling, segregation or separation of waste is something that the president is taking into account for the bidding rules that will be held in the coming months,” said the director of Limpia.

The sanitary landfill is located on a property located at the exit of Juárez along the Juárez-Ahumada highway.

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