“Renacés”: Benjamín Vicuña’s tender message for Blanquita

Some years ago, Benjamin Vicuna and Pampita Ardohain experienced the worst fear a parent faces: losing a child and not being able to do anything about it. The incident occurred after they returned from a vacation in Mexico where Blanquita, the eldest daughter of the couple, contracted a bacterium against which she could not fight.

Although her mother is much more hermetic about this issue because of the pain it still causes her, Benjamin Vicuna yes, she usually uses her social networks to dedicate beautiful words to the little girl in special moments. This time, the Chilean actor celebrated his 16th birthday in a kind of melancholy that moved all his followers.

Blanquita was the eldest daughter of Vicuña and Pampita. Unfortunately, she passed away on September 8 and her remains rest in Santiago de Chile.

“Today time tells me that you are turning 16, the same time that evaporates memories with a cruelty not suitable for children. Time that accommodates and adorns. My little girl who taught me how not to be afraid of death, my sweet little girl who I was looking sideways at the TV, my inflatable princess, my enchanted elf, my angel with toy wings,” he wrote. Benjamin Vicuna.

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