"Renaissance": Beyoncé number one of the top albums in France for the first time in her career

With 10,783 equivalent sales, the pop superstar dethrones Gazo and Jul and takes first place in the SNEP ranking.

Already a success in the United States and the United Kingdom, Beyoncé’s new album, Renaissance, now comes to conquer France. With 10,783 equivalent sales (according to SNEP), the pop superstar dethroned rappers Gazo and Jul and culminated at the top of the top albums in France.

This is the first time that a Beyoncé album is number one in France. His previous album, Lemonadeinitially only available for streaming on the Tidal platform when it was released in 2016, rose to ninth place in the French charts.

In 2011, the album 4 reached number two in the charts, and was Beyoncé’s highest-ranking record in the country to date. Thanks to this new feat, the singer also signs the best start of the year 2022 for a female artist in France, according to the site Pure charts.

A controversial outing

Carried by the single Break My Soulcurrently the 14th most listened to track in the world on Spotify, Renaissance has nevertheless had a controversial reception since its release on July 29.

First leaked on social networks, the album was then modified to remove the title Energya sample of the song Milkshake of Kelis following charges of theft. In the aftermath, Beyonce also have re-recorded the lyrics of his song Heatedsingled out for containing the term “spaz” (“cretin”), often used in the United States to make fun of people suffering from cerebral palsy.

The move follows similar criticism directed at Lizzo, who a few weeks ago deleted the same word of his single Grrrls.

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