"Renaissance": Beyoncé will re-record a song after using an offensive word

The singer was heavily criticized after using the word ‘spaz’ in the track Heated. A term that hurt people with disabilities.

Beyoncé decided to re-record the lyrics to her song Heatedtaken from his latest album Renaissance, released last Friday. In question: the use of the word “spaz” (“cretin”), often used in the United States to make fun of people suffering from cerebral palsy.

The singer told the BBC via his press officer that this word had been used “without intention of hurting anyone”.

“The word will be changed,” the spokesperson added, without specifying when the new version of the song will be available.

Lizzo also criticized

American singer Lizzo was also criticized a few weeks ago for using the same word in the song GRRRLS. A few days later, she apologized and re-released her song, with new lyrics.


“Let’s be clear: I don’t want to promote insulting words. As an obese woman in the United States, I’ve been called a lot of hurtful names. So I understand the power of words (that this either intentional or, in my case, unintentional).”

six years later Lemonadewhich has become a classic, Beyoncé unveiled last Friday Renaissancean album of 16 tracks where we meet Donna Summer, the father of disco Giorgio Moroder or James Brown.

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