Renewals and redemptions, Juric to please: the intense May of Vagnati

On the table of the technical director, the deadlines for Gallo and Ansaldi and the redemptions. Juric needs answers as soon as possible

May as a bookmark between the last two pages of a chapter and the following ones, before a new novel in garnet shades yet to be written. In these weeks that separate us from the beginning of the summer season and, therefore, of a new transfer market session, Turin is called to make peace as quickly as possible with various question marks that keep a curious grenade environment apprehensive. What will the Taurus be like without Andrea Belotti? Or, will he really be the first Taurus without his captain? There is still no exhaustive answer to this day, but fortunately for Davide Vagnati, it is not the only question that will shake him in the coming weeks. He will have no way of getting bored …

What will happen to Pobega?

The contract is also expiring in the garnet squad Cristian Ansaldi. The Argentine arrived in Turin in 2017, when Sinisa Mihajlovic was leading the squad. They seem, or perhaps they are, geological eras passed from that subsequent landing to a not exactly fortunate experience in the Nerazzurri Milan. In the possible last season in the grenade, Juric found little space for him. Do you want for injuries, Covid, or further confirmations from Vojvoda, Ansaldi took the field on 17 occasions (4 from the first minute), however, putting himself at the service of the team with 3 assists.

At 35, however, he offers experience and quality: not just factors in a context that, at least on the face of it, aims to become ambitious again. This is demonstrated above all by a pressing decision at Casa Milan to regain it in view of next season Tommaso Pobega. The former Spezia midfielder, as has been repeated in all ways, came to Turin for a touch and go. Milan seems to want to bet on him, despite a midfield that is teeming with interpreters of a certain thickness, at least for the context of Serie A. At the moment, Toro takes a cautious attitude, but there is not so much to wait for.

Praet and Brekalo to be redeemed as soon as possible

It is highly probable that Ivan Juric wishes to know the names that will make up his squad as soon as possible. Not only because having a staff already full with a certain advance can be an undeniable advantage, but also because in the next season it becomes a necessity as well. Juric will in fact already be at work in early July and hopes, once back in the Fila locker room, not to deal with negative surprises. From Mandragora to Ricci passing through Brekalo, on which the ransom figure to be recognized in Wolfsburg dances. Vagnati will not be able to disappoint him especially on redemptions (the total figure of which is decidedly high).

Same goes for the other pupil of the technician Dennis Praet, whose contribution in the latest releases, following his record-breaking comeback, has confirmed that he is an essential element for next season for his work in connection between midfield and attack. The situations that are linked to the names of Pellegri, Fares and Pjaca remain much smokier. All three are on loan with the right of redemption and, at the same time, those who (Fares for faults not of him) have convinced less. These will be hot days for Davide Vagnati, much more summer than spring. Faced with the former director of Spal, the burning task of not destroying the progress made with some players and, at the same time, that of burning the times for a Toro as complete as possible at the meeting at the beginning of July.

Davide Vagnati
Davide Vagnati

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