Renovations and reinforcements: Everything that happened in a new Football Commission in Colo Colo

During the day of Thursday Colo Colo lived a key day with the realization of a new Football Commission, where various issues were brought up, such as the renewal of Gabriel Costa and the possible incorporations of Eric Wiemberg and Matías Moya.

The details of a new Football Commission in Colo Colo
© Agency One and Guillermo SalazarThe details of a new Football Commission in Colo Colo

Colo Colo continues to work tirelessly on the conformation of the squad for the year 2023. Fernando de Paul is the only confirmed reinforcement, waiting for the incorporation of Ramiro González to be closed, who has practically everything agreed to be the new player in defense Sunrise.

For this reason, the Sports Management continues to make the corresponding efforts to fulfill the wishes of Gustavo Quinteros, who has not tired of pointing out that he needs two players per position, hopefully, from a proven hierarchy.

In this sense, this Thursday will be a key day for what comes next year. It is that the Football Commission will meet virtually to close three key aspects that are on the table: The renewal of Gabriel Costa, the possible arrival of Leandro Benegas and what happens with the negotiations with Carlos Palacios.

Starting with Basilio’s great theme, the positions began to get closer. Although the Uruguayan Peruvian rejected the first proposal of the Sports Management, the talks began to take a good turn and, although there is nothing official, It is a matter of days for everything to be fixed.

Although it was not in the main table to be discussed, the possible incorporation of Bruno Barticiotto. And, despite the fact that the conversations with the Palestinian player are advanced and date back a long time, its high cost would distance it from the Monumental State.

Another who would be far from Macul is Leandro Benegas. The Independiente striker was one of Popular’s objectives, however, his high salary claims would also mean that the negotiations did not come to fruition.

Erick Wiemberg and Matías Moya join the list of possible reinforcements

The incorporation of new names is something crucial for the claims that Gustavo Quinteros has for the next season. In this sense, a replacement for Gabriel Suazo is of vital importance and Erick Wiemberg joined the long list that the Sports Management has and I know he completes, for example, Alex Ibacache and Vicente Fernández.

In offense, the coach’s idea is to win in variants and, in such a situation, Matías Moya begins to be probed by the concessionaire. The footballer, who plays on the attacking wings, has a good projection with his 24 years and, despite being Argentine, he also has Chilean nationality, so he does not occupy a foreign position.

César Fuentes and Óscar Opazo renewed

Although it was an open secret, César Fuentes and Óscar Opazo closed their contract renewal with Colo Colo. Although the terms in which they signed the extension of the link are still unknown, in the case of the midfielder it is known that it is for one year, since that is the way he has to negotiate.

Thus, Colo Colo 2023 continues to take shape and waits for the confirmation of new reinforcements that they join the arrival of Fernando de Paul and the almost confirmed arrival of Ramiro González in the central defense position.

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