Renowned Argentine journalist explains the bad present of Pablo Solari in River Plate: “He is not shining and he is feeling it”

Pablo Solari is not living a good present in River Plate after the fall with Boca Juniors in the Superclásico, despite the fact that last weekend they returned to the hugs with a victory against San Lorenzo, but where the former Colo Colo has not been able to gravitate in the last games.

© Getty ImagesArgentine journalist explains Solari’s bad present in River.

The former soccer player from Colo Colo, the Argentine Pablo Solari, is not enjoying a good present in River Plate. The trans-Andean striker has not been able to gravitate in recent games, just as he did in a string of matches where he was fundamental in guiding the millionaire cast to victories in the competition.

Instance in which the striker ended up being replaced by Marcelo Gallardo and was unable to finish the match despite starting as the starterwhich is beginning to be a player who has lost the spark he showed in the first matches with the blood band shirt, especially in high-importance matches.

The renowned Argentine journalist Juan José Buscalia spoke with the site Bolavip Chile, in which he pointed out and explained where this sports slump that Pibe Solari is having in the championship on the other side of the mountain range is happening.

“Solari did not stand out too much beyond some opportunity he had at the start. He gives the feeling that he is not going through his best games, infected by a context where River is not shining and he is feeling it ”were the words that the communicator gave about it.

The concrete thing is that he abounded in this analysis pointing out that “River won an important game because it was the last chance he had left. If he lost the classic against San Lorenzo it would be very difficult for him to continue fighting for the championship until the end”.

Additionally, he considered that “He won a good game, he didn’t shine, he was superior and held it in the second with one less when it could have ended in a draw”.

That was not the only thing, because he also talked about another ex colo colo What Paul Diaz. “For Paulo Díaz it is always special to play against San Lorenzo because it was his first home in Argentine soccer and he is very fond of the club and the people. He played a correct game and he makes the pre-goal play after a set piece.”.

Paul Solari will seek his revenge this weekend with River Plate in Argentine soccer, when on Saturday, September 24 they should receive the visit of Talleres de Córdoba from 6:00 p.m..

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