Renzo Schuller and Johanna San Miguel on the fall of the America TV signal: “It was because of Fabio’s jokes”

The transmission of “Esto es Guerra” was interrupted on Tuesday night due to the loss of the America Television signal. Faced with this unusual event, the drivers Renzo Schuller and Johanna San Miguel turned to social networks to address their viewers.

The drivers recorded a funny video together while waiting for the broadcast to resume, thus showing that they take this unique fact with humor.

Well, waiting, then, for the signal to come back. What will have happened, ‘Chata’?, but I have my suspicions. Let’s hope he comes back, it’s because of Fabio’s jokes, exactly. We’re coming right now”noted the popular ‘Shu Shu’.

For her part, Johanna San Miguel was a little more surprised by this fact and did not hesitate to say so. “The America Television signal is gone. Of all the channels, the only one that has left is from America”he questioned.

Through a short statement released on its official Twitter account, America Television ruled on the cut of its signal on the night of May 10.

“Dear followers. We are experiencing difficulties with electrical power at our Santa Beatriz plant. We will be back shortly with our programming. Thank you”, they explained.

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