Repairs in the tunnel of Line 12 of the Metro have not yet been completed

After questioning from local deputies, the director of the Mexico City Metro, Guillermo Calderón, declared that the repair work being carried out in the Subway Line 12 They will end when they have to. He indicated that these works are already advanced.

“Every week we have a meeting, designers, contractors, with manufacturers, assemblers and city government entities to review the progress, it is of special specific attention to the Government Headquarters and those involved and I was already talking about the tunnel, when Will it be completed? It will be completed when it must be completed with all the systems reinforced and operating properly,” he said.

As reported in The Truth NewsPreviously, the capital authorities indicated that Line 12 of the Metro could reopen at the end of the year, after the repair work that was carried out due to the collapse of this transport line in May 2021, which left 26 victims.

Work progresses on Line 12 of the Metro

Repairs in the tunnel of Line 12 of the Metro have not yet been completed

Repair work is advanced

In this sense, the CDMX official indicated that the repair work on Line 12 of the Metro presents an overall progress of 85 percent. This was revealed by Guillermo Calderón during his appearance at the local congress, on the occasion of the gloss of the fourth government report by Claudia Sheinbaum.

“Overall, the global scope reaches 85 percent. We are about to conclude the work on the underground section from Atlalilco to Mixcoac, at the end of this year,” said Calderón, who also added that “it is really working day and night to forced marches, today more than 40 of these 260 clearings are active in this reinforcement and many of the pieces that we will need are in production”.

Lastly, the official indicated that more than 14,000 tons of steel will be used to reinforce Line 12 of the Metro, which implies that the steel used by more than three or four Torres Mayor or the new tower that is in progress will be used. Coyoacan. “The reinforcement that is being done is of that magnitude,” he said.

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When is Line 12 of the Metro going to open?

Repairs in the tunnel of Line 12 of the Metro have not yet been completed

26 people died in this collapse

There is still no specific date for the reopening of Line 12 of the CDMX Metro, although this route is expected to work in early 2023.

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