Repercussions of the counter-reform

There seems to be no awareness in the ranks of the current government of the very profound harmful effects that the electricity counter-reform will cause …

Although very few observers have realized the account, there is in the launch of the electricity counter-reform by the government of the self-proclaimed 4T a political motivation marked by an obsession for revenge. In this way, because I inflicted an overwhelming electoral defeat on you in 2018, now, for you to understand, against all logic and technical arguments, I am reversing your reform for the electricity sector.

Of course, the motivation for this political revenge is unfounded because politically and historically the Peña Nieto regime is completely dead. But additionally, there are no other reasons for the aforementioned electrical counter-reform than ideological ones. The only justification is the strange idea that the Mexican State is better qualified to administer this industry than private companies, national or foreign. Ma seems like a very difficult argument to sustain. This is for the simple reasons that private companies already generate energy at much lower costs than the Federal Electricity Commission, in addition to the fact that this state company operates with huge losses.

“You will win, but you will not convince,” says the legend that the philosopher Miguel de Unamunu told the fascist hosts that emerged triumphant in the Spanish Civil War. The phrase is applicable to the electricity counter-reform that the current government has decided to carry out. Clearly, there seems to be no awareness in the ranks of the current government of the very profound harmful effects that this unfortunate proposal will cause to the Mexican nation. The most important, without a doubt, which will be the nail that will definitively cancel the possibility of a rebound in the growth rate of the national economy to the level demanded by historical circumstances.

And these damages will be caused, regardless of whether the authorities manage to carry out their counter-reform through thick and thin. A first damage will be caused by the lawsuits and protections that the companies that are affected will file. And another additional damage, of non-estimated proportions, may occur if there are claims in the context of the T-MEC free trade agreement between Mexico, the United States and Canada. And a third vulnerability front will be opened by the ecological consequences derived from making the future of Mexican electricity development depend on the use of highly polluting fuels, such as coal and fuel oil.

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