REPLAY. New Year: look at Emmanuel Macron’s wishes to the French for 2022

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20h40 : After the wishes of the Head of State, the first reactions are not long. “You have just suffered the last false and pretentious wishes of Emmanuel Macron!, wrote on Twitter Nicolas Dupont-Aignan presidential candidate and president of Debout La France.My wish: that it be the last time “, comments Jean-Luc Mélenchon, LFI presidential candidate.

20h40 : And here is, in video, all of Emmanuel Macron’s wishes.

20h28 : The Head of State also defended his record, his action, by multiplying the examples, “to the cavalcade”.

20h26 : On the presidential election, Emmanuel Macron did not announce his candidacy but said this: “Whatever my place and the circumstances, I will continue to serve you”.

20h22 : First assessment: Emmanuel Macron’s speech was not completely swallowed up by the pandemic but the Covid-19 still occupied a good part of the speech.

20h17 : It is with these words that Emmanuel Macron ended his speech, winking at the French presidency of the European Union which begins tomorrow.

20h15 : “Live our Europe, long live the Republic and long live France.”

20h14 : The Head of State mentions the presidential election but does not announce his candidacy, as was expected. They evoke “essential ballots” who will draw “major choices for our nation”.

20h11 : Emmanuel Macron dit “resolutely optimistic” for the coming year. He “wants to believe” than 2022 “will be the year of exit from the epidemic”.

20h07 : “First and foremost, I have a thought for our 123,000 compatriots who were killed by the virus”, said Emmanuel Macron in the introduction.

20h05 : “Vaccination is our greatest asset “, launches the President of the Republic. “I appeal to the five million unvaccinated. Make this simple gesture for yourself, for your compatriots”, says Emmanuel Macron.

20h03 : “We have the weapon of the vaccine on our side and the achievements of collective experience.”

20h02 : “The coming weeks will be difficult, we all know that”, says Emmanuel Macron.

20h01 : Emmanuel Macron sends his best wishes to the French. Watch his speech here.


20h01 : We learn that Emmanuel Macron’s wishes have been recorded. This should take about fifteen minutes.

20h00 : We will follow Emmanuel Macron’s wishes in three minutes. For his part, Jean Castex is on the ground this evening, with the soldiers, at Cochin hospital and in a fire station. Objective: to show its support for caregivers and the police responsible for ensuring the safety of New Year’s Eve and checks on health restrictions.

19h51 : Let’s make a new reminder of the main titles before Emmanuel Macron’s speech at 8 p.m.:

• Emmanuel Macron will send the French the last wishes of his mandate as president, at 8 p.m. His speech will be proactive and optimistic, despite the health situation which borders on “shit”, according to one of his friends. You can watch his speech on our live stream.

New record. According to figures released this evening by Public Health France, 232,200 new cases have been identified in the past 24 hours. This represents 141,291 cases per day on average over the last 7 days.

• New Year’s Eve under close surveillance. Some 95,000 police and gendarmes are mobilized in France, including 9,000 in Paris, for New Year’s Eve. They intend in particular to enforce the ban on spontaneous gatherings in the face of the surge in Covid-19 cases. Almost 3,200 soldiers from the Sentinel force were added to it.

• How to celebrate the transition to the New Year in such a tense health context? While Olivier Véran announced on Wednesday that more than a million French people were currently positive for Covid-19, some could be tempted to feast between infected people. Good idea ? Not so sure.

19h45 : The Elysee ensures that tonight’s speech will not be swallowed up by the health file. These wishes are also the last of the term for which Emmanuel Macron was elected in 2017. Every word from the outgoing president, who has not yet declared himself a candidate for the next presidential election, will therefore be scrutinized. “He has ants in his legs”, entrusts to franceinfo a relative, according to whom the current head of state keeps very remote the idea that these wishes can be the last.

19h43 : Emmanuel Macron presents his wishes in just under 20 minutes. The entourage of the Head of State assures Franceinfo that his speech will be proactive and optimistic, despite the health situation which borders on “shit”, according to one of his friends.

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