Report of alleged derailment on Metro Line 6 (Special)

Report of alleged derailment on Metro Line 6

During the early hours of Tuesday, a train tipped while workers at the Subway They were carrying out track coupling maneuvers in the parking area of The rosaryon Line 6

Through images, the derailed train is observed off the track; however, the events were not recorded during service hours of the Metro Collective Transportation System (STC).

Since the maintenance work was carried out during the early morning, therefore no user was affected while the workers of the STC they did not present injuries.

After a few minutes and with maneuvers by the workers of the personnel of the Rolling Stock areas, Fixed Installations and Transportationthe train returned to its position, later, the wagon was taken to the garage.

The events occur after on January 13, the head of CDMX GovernmentClaudia Sheinbaum Pardo, visited the Metro workshops in El Rosario to learn about their needs.

The STC announced that after the train tilted, they notified the Attorney General of Justice of the Mexico City (FGJCDMX); however, the incident has not been made public.

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