Report of assault on alleged migrant

Report of assault on alleged migrant

Juarez City.- An assault on an alleged migrant was denounced by readers of El Diario tonight.

According to the complaint, two men beat a migrant to the point of leaving her almost unconscious on the Hermanos Escobar extension between Pinar del Río and Valle de Versalles streets.

Two other people who were with the victim ran to the Rio Grande, leaving the man who was attacked to his fate.

The complainants indicated that when the images were taken, the attackers issued threats and immediately got into a white van and began to follow them but managed to evade them and got lost.

According to the Municipal Public Security Secretariat, the citizen’s report was attended to, but when the attackers and the victim arrived, they were no longer there.

This fact occurs in an area where “polleros” operate and that the National Guard academy is located a few meters away.

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