Reporter murdered in Xalapa, Veracruz

The reporter, announcer and also cabbie, Pedro Pablo Kumul Amaya he was killed by unknown persons when he was driving a taxi in a neighborhood on the outskirts of Xalapa.

The municipal and state police implemented the “Red Code” operation, but made no arrests; a woman and two minors who accompanied the victim survived.

It should be noted that the attack occurred around noon.

One version mentions that he allegedly had a road problem with the occupants of a truck and that he was chased and caught up in the streets of the Lomas de Casa Blanca neighborhood, very close to a lagoon, which is why it is one of the clues that he began to follow. the investigating authority.

Neighbors heard three shots that took the life of Pedro Pablo

Neighbors told authorities that they heard three shots and the grinding of vehicle tires. being shot, Peter Paul Kumul He crashed into a post and died there.

Neighbors also reported that after hearing the thunder they called the authorities and that municipal and state police arrived at the site 20 minutes after the attack occurred. The taxi driver’s companion and minors were treated by paramedics emergency units.

This happens one day after the head of public security appears before the security and justice commission within the gloss of the fourth report of the governor Cuitlahuac Garcia Jimenez.

The news portal where he worked Peter Paul Kumul, wrote: “We regret the terrible event that happened this afternoon in the town of Castillo where our Friend, Announcer and Reporter of this communication medium AX Noticias y Es Amor 104.5 HD Pedro Pablo lost his life.

“From here we demand that the state authorities Cuitlahuac Garcia Jimenez Government of the State of veracruz that a thorough investigation be carried out to find those responsible for this cowardly act and that they do not go unpunished like many others”, the letter mentions.

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