Republican congressmen traveled to Colombia to discuss Haitian exodus

Three Republican congressmen recently traveled to Colombia to discuss the migratory exodus of Haitians seeking to cross the Darien Gap and reach the United States. They also visited areas of illicit crops in the country to verify the Colombian government’s fight against drugs.

A few days after the visit of United States Secretary of State Antony Blinken to Colombia, Senator Joni Ernst together with the representatives Randy Feenstra y Lisa McClain, traveled from Washington DC to Colombian territory as part of a delegation from the Republican Party to discuss the migration challenges facing the region with the recent wave of mostly Haitian immigrants seeking to reach the United States.

According to a statement, the three congressmen met with the President Iván Duque, Vice President Marta Lucía Ramírez, several members of the Colombian Congress, the Director of Migration Colombia and the United States Ambassador to Colombia, Philip Goldberg.

The delegation also toured a field of illicit crops and discussed the efforts of the United States and Colombia to combat drug trafficking through coca eradication and efforts that support rural economic development for the transition from a drug trafficking economy to legal crops.

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Representative McClain told the media that although there is a lot to work on the country is doing a good job to eradicate illicit crops.

“Our relations with Latin America are key to the security of our nation. It was great to see the benefits of these partnerships first hand and to meet with Latin American leaders during our trip this week, “said McClain.

The Congress men they also traveled to Panama to also discuss migration issues and the supply chain.

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