Rescue operation: Velbert: Baumarbeiter hung upside down at a height of eight meters

The fire brigade rescued a worker who was hanging upside down from a tree in Velbert on Friday, January 14th. Operation lasted 45 minutes.

The fire brigade rescued a tree worker from a height of eight meters on Friday. The emergency services were called to Heidekamp at around 4:22 p.m. There the man was upside down on a tree and was already secured with his tether by two eyewitnesses on ladders. Firefighters used two more ladders. A sling was also attached to the feet and guided over one of the ladders with a fire brigade line to prevent the worker from slipping further

Taken to the hospital

After the tether was severed, the worker could be lowered in a controlled manner. He was taken to a hospital. After 45 minutes, the emergency services were able to return to the fire station.

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