Rescue the life of a brave woman

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Rescue the life of a brave woman


Twenty-five years ago, two friends made themselves known in Hollywood by being behind the script for Indomitable Mind, which awarded them an Oscar for Best Screenplay. Their names began to be a reference in an industry eager for new stories and after a career of individual successes they are back both in acting and in the script of The Last Duel. Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, along with Nicole

Holofcener, brought together talents to shape this story directed by Ridley Scott which is based on the story of Marguerite de Carrouges, a 14th century French woman who spoke out, something rare in a time when women had no voice and were merely an object, the rape she suffered while her husband was away from home.

Even if I was not the father of four women and the father of four men, I would feel the same when faced with this story in which a woman who broke schemes and spoke on the subject. She lived in a time when the woman was not even considered a human being, she was a mere property, first of her father and after her husband who was probably the age of her own father. She had that act of courage, she risked her name, she was the object of ridicule and shame, she lost friends, friendships, her husband could have killed her and eventually she could have been burned alive by the State just for telling the truth. Marguerite went against all that, she could not have said anything and spoke the truth. For me she is an extraordinary human being and that is why it was a worthy and memorable story to tell ”, he expressed in an interview with Excelsior Matt Damon.

The actor, in addition to holding the title of screenwriter in the film, also plays Sir Jean de Carrouges, Marguerite’s husband, played by the British Jodie Comer, who instead of feeling offended by the fact that his wife was insulted, He was furious that his honor, his manhood, and his property had been affected.

My character is more interested in appearances, in his own vanity and in his own glory, rather than being dismayed at getting justice, contrary to what his wife really wants, “reflected Damon.

The last duel, a film that had to stop filming in Ireland for six months due to the pandemic, marks the dumbbell between Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, friends for 40 years, as screenwriters after having done the same a quarter of a century ago .

Both worked on the first two acts, out of three, of this film that premieres this Thursday, each showing the perspective of the husband and then the vision of the accused Jacques Legris (Adam Driver). Finally, there is the vision of the events of Marguerite, an episode in which Nicole Holofcener, screenwriter of Can you forgive me?

The writing process was easier for both of us because we know the structure of a film much better and that helped us make the process easier. When we wrote Indomitable Mind there were a lot of scenes that were never put into the movie because they just didn’t fit, so now the writing was more efficient because we’re more movie-drenched. I have a lot of fun when I’m with him, I love Ben, I respect him a lot, I love his ideas and it may be because we’ve known each other for 40 years, we come from the same neighborhood, from the same socioeconomic context, we have the same friends, the same experiences. and all of that fits into the way we see and understand the world, ”shared Damon.

The fact that Marguerite has raised her voice in front of the king and the Court, triggers a duel between Jean de Carrouges (Damon) and Jacques Le Gris (Driver), which in front of the camera has no waste whatsoever, because the action, the handling of weapons and the use of horses do their thing.

It was an amazing experience as Ridley (Scott) always has the best teams in this world. Before we filmed that scene we thought it was going to be very difficult to get out because there was a lot of mud, snow, cold, horses, and we took it out in front of it in a very simple way because there were many experts and brilliant people behind it. I think the most difficult thing was to return to the set after having stopped six months due to the covid, it was curious to see how we all returned with masks, with masks and all that, many obstacles were presented by the pandemic, but, as we were all interested in telling this history, it was finally achieved and I am very proud of the result, ”shared Damon.

When asked how the young man who began his acting career in 1998 and who debuted as a writer with the Indomitable Mind script looks like in the film industry today, Matt commented that he has a very challenging life.

Man, I’m already an old man. I think about what you say and try to process it. And Ben Affleck comes out again, since we’ve been in this together from a very young age. It is a fabulous life to be able to make movies, it was something we always wanted to do, but it is also a challenging life in the sense that you have to find balance, because it is a life like in a circus, in which, for example , I will release this movie and I will be unemployed. It is a very particular lifestyle ”, Damon concluded.


  • He was born on October 8, 1970 in Boston.
  • He began his acting career in 1988.
  • In 1997, together with Ben Affleck, they made their debut as screenwriters of Indomitable Mind, a film by Gus Van Sant that won the Oscar for Best Screenplay and the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for Robin Williams.
  • He has to his credit 25 films as a producer and 89 titles as an actor.
  • As an actor, he has received three Oscar nominations for Indomitable Mind, Invictus, and Rescue Mission.


The film is based on the homonymous book by Eric Jager, which attests to the last trial by combat held in Paris.

  • The last duel.
  • Premiere: today.
  • Dirige: Ridley Scott.


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