ResetEra: the famous American forum bought for 4.55 million dollars

Founded on the ashes of NeoGAF in 2017, ResetEra quickly gained popularity based on the same principles: read access open to all, but a particularly drastic registration process to welcome new members who may post there. At the present time, the forum also has 55,000 members for 45 million recorded posts, a sign of a committed community which advertisers are necessarily fond of. Like its model, this “old-fashioned” forum is known to host both seasoned video game observers and professionals (developers, analysts, marketing managers), these famous insiders who do not hesitate to relay or share first-hand information.

The one and only owner of ResetEra, “Cerium”, will receive the sum in two installments, with a cash payment of 3.55 million dollars initially, to which will be added an additional million on December 31st. What to consider peaceful days, especially since, as he explains himself in a message to the community, “people who benefited from paid work, such as the technical team, will negotiate over-the-counter with MOBA Network to continue their activitiesThe moderation team will always be made up of volunteers. Cerium nevertheless assures that MOBA Network will not and never sell users’ personal data, and that nothing will change in the way data is treated and protected.

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