Resident Evil 2 has never been more real than in this tribute

2021 was a year full of news and projects related to the Resident Evil brand. Between a new chapter of the much appreciated main saga, an animated series and a new cinematic film, never before has the Capcom survival horror franchise found it practically everywhere as in this period. Now, in addition to these official products, a fantastico tributo a Resident Evil 2 which makes it more realistic than ever.

Resident Evil 2 is one of the most loved titles in the series. Enough to do a remake.

Specifically, the tiktoker lake_skywalker has recreated Resident Evil 2 in live-action without neglecting any detail of the original game. From the fixed camera, to the so-called tank movements, everything has been recreated to perfection as it appeared on the first PlayStation. The sound design was also taken from the original game from the 90s; not to mention the loading animations that perfectly reflect the opening of a door to the next area.

The video posted on TikTok turns out to be one real pleasure for lovers of Resident Evil 2 original, and also the features of the boy who played Leon S. Kennedy are very close to the model of the character present in the title.

Every single detail of this tribute has been recreated keeping in mind the title released at the end of the 90s, and the final result makes it one of the most successful fan-made content not only as regards the second chapter of the saga, but also for the whole brand.

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