Resident Evil 9: first details on the scenario, Capcom is teasing

Game News Resident Evil 9: first details on the scenario, Capcom is teasing

The Resident Evil franchise has never been in better shape and we therefore expect the ninth episode to be revealed one day: just to make us wait and also to make the community think, Capcom has delivered a very interesting when talking about the planned single-player expansion for Resident Evil Village.

Winters is not coming

Thanks to Resident Evil VII, Capcom has succeeded in infusing a great freshness into the saga thanks to a subjective view and a return to basics, supporting horror. A formula taken up with the Village episode last yearthe game taking again in its center Ethan Winters, already the hero of the previous part.

Obviously, we could expect that Resident Evil 9 – which we doubt in development or in any case planned by the studio – be turned to the Winters family again : a theory more than likely when you know that Rose Winters, Ethan’s daughter, will be playable in the Village expansion that will arrive soon.

Except that in reality… it seems that this DLC, dubbed Shadows of Rose, is here “to conclude the Winters family saga”. The words come to us directly from producer Masachika Kawata, who spoke on IGN’s microphone and are therefore completely official. To believe it, Resident Evil 9 would therefore take one or more different figureheads.

Back to town

We recall that last August, a potential leak broadcast on 4chan suggested that Resident Evil 9 would in fact be called Resident Evil Apocalypse: the plot would then take place in a ghost town where monsters are legion. We thus speak of goat-men and wendigos, while a kind of witch would be the main antagonist with the return of occultism.

The post also claimed that the adventure would mark the end of an iconic franchise character., which brings us back to the words of Masachika Kawata: perhaps the hero or heroine would indeed be a known head of the series, like Chris Redfield who was present in Resident Evil Village, and that the arc Winters would be well and truly complete. We imagine that fans will have no trouble launching their theories while waiting for more information from the Osaka firm.

Resident Evil 9: first details on the scenario, Capcom is teasing

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