Resident Evil 9 may not be about Ethan or Rose Winters, Capcom suggests

It sounds like the Winters family won’t play a major role in an eventual Resident Evil 9 (whatever the title).

At least that’s what Capcom says about the upcoming Shadows of Rose DLC for Resident Evil Village.

The conclusion of the Winters saga

Opposite to IGN Capcom’s Kento Kinoshita says it is “developing the Shadows of Rose storyline to complete the Winters family saga.”

Which, as mentioned, doesn’t sound like there will be a Winters lead role again in the next installment. At the same time, producer Masachika Kawata emphasizes that it is “absolutely impossible” to reveal what the future of the series will bring.

More Resident Evil Village news:

Currently only Resident Evil 4 Remake has been announced as a new single player title, while work continues on the multiplayer offshoot Resident Evil Re:Verse.

The Shadows of Rose DLC for Resident Evil Village is scheduled for release on October 28th.

The expansion, which begins 16 years after the main game, follows Rose Winters as she searches for a way to lose her powers. At the same time, however, she must use them to fight the Face Eaters.

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