“Resident Evil” – clumsy action cinema with familiar game scenes

Five years after the disappointing “Final Chapter”, the legendary zombie series “Resident Evil” is relaunched. New makers, new stars – old story! Because “Welcome to Raccoon City” is very reminiscent of the second part of the video game series of the same name. But the film isn’t half as exciting.

Story: In 1998 Claire Redfield (Kaya Scodelario, 29) returned to her hometown of Raccoon City. This is also where the headquarters of the powerful umbrella company is located. Murderous zombies and mutants have their origin here. Not long, and Claire too has to run for her life …

As praiseworthy as it is that the longtime “Resident Evil” director Paul WS Anderson (56) and his wife Milla Jovovich (45) are finally no longer there. The new edition disappoints – with the announcement!

It will probably be the secret of the producers (Constantin Film) forever, which is why they entrusted the new start to director and screenwriter Johannes Roberts (45) of all people. Because the Englishman has not yet made a really good film in his career. He doesn’t do that here either.

Anyone who knows a little about the world of the very good and rightly successful “Resident Evil” video game series will recognize some well-known game scenes. These have been implemented really well. However, “Welcome to Raccoon City” is completely free of thrills. That also makes the restart of the series a superfluous B-movie.

Conclusion: Plump action cinema that is miles away from other zombie stories like “The Walking Dead” in every respect. After all: those who are familiar with the games can look forward to a few cult scenes.

(107 Min./ab 16 J.)

Photo: BILD

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