Resident Evil | Meet the monsters from Welcome to Raccoon City

Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City comes with the promise of being more faithful to the game franchise, although not necessarily in its history. While the plot, already in the trailer, seems to be a collage of the main events of the city, the idea is to bring the horror atmosphere of the latest titles in counterpoint with the action of the feature films starring Milla Jovovich, which the production team insists on to distance yourself.

Directed by Johannes Roberts (deep fear) and Kaya Scodelario (Maze Runnerand Robbie Amell (The baby sitter) not main cast, Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City already won a first trailer and, in it, are different references to the history of games and their origins, as well as some of the monsters that characters like Claire, Leon, Chris and Jill will face to survive in the city dominated by Umbrella viruses.

Before the launch, scheduled for December in Brazil, it’s time to take a look at the bestiary. Whether you are a fan of the franchise or someone who has never played or met Resident Evil from the most recent episodes, check out some of the monsters that will be faced by characters throughout Welcome to Raccoon City.

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Created by the Umbrella virus contamination of citizens, zombies are Resident Evil’s most common enemy; they attack in large numbers, posing a frequent threat (Image: Screenshot/Felipe Demartini/Canaltech)

The most common threat in the series Resident Evil it is also the enemy the player faces the most. Responsible for the chaos in Raccoon City, these are the citizens, merchants, visitors and others present at a time when everything was blown up with the Umbrella virus leak that turned everyone into monsters and turned the old peaceful town to hell.

We still don’t know all the details about the contamination in Welcome to Raccoon City, but the first trailer already cites an Umbrella conspiracy, which involves illegal research and the difficulty of containing the virus. In games, the case is similar, with the infection in a secret laboratory in the mountains — where the sumptuous mansion that became the icon of the saga — is just the beginning.

Between monsters descending from the forest into the city, the contamination of the water supply and an unsuccessful attack by the company’s own soldiers on one of its top scientists is the beginning of the end for Raccoon City. And while the infection ran out of control, a few survivors, and a few more knowledgeable about what was happening, were fighting for their lives.

zombie dogs

The transformed dogs appeared in the series as an Umbrella experiment; in Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City, they appear as the police canine unit, transformed into agile and ferocious creatures (Image: Press Release/Sony Pictures)

In the games, initially, these were a product of Umbrella’s scientific research and later had their history changed to become common city street dogs, also affected by the Umbrella virus. The fact that there are only Dobermans, at the police station, is explained by the use of animals of this type by police forces, with the former speed and heavy bites used in operations, now becoming one of the greatest threats to the survivors.

In the trailer for Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City, once again we see animals being responsible for tense scenes that probably seal the fate of one of the characters in the film. The setting is the police station parking lot, where, in the remake of the second game of the series, they also appear in large numbers, taking players by surprise who, until then, were already suffering enough suffocation with the traditional zombies.

In games, the so-called Cerberus are the protagonists of one of the most iconic scares, when a group of them attacks Jill or Chris through the mansion’s windows. When they escaped from the mansion’s labs, they were also responsible for the deaths of hikers and climbers who brought the police to the scene and, later, hungry, also arrived in the city, helping to spread the virus throughout Raccoon City.


One of Resident Evil 2’s most iconic enemies couldn’t be missing in Welcome to Raccoon City, a film totally inspired by its recent remake (Image: Press Release/Capcom)

Here we are also talking about one of the most iconic monsters in the franchise. The first meeting with them, in Resident Evil 2, involves mutilated bodies and a creature that clings to the ceiling, attacking from afar with its tongue and up close with long, sharp claws, as well as leaping long distances in an attack that, if caught off guard, can generate instant death and a animation of the character’s body being separated from the head.

Transformed into an even more dangerous and fast threat in the remake of Resident Evil 2, the Lickers must also be the stars of exciting scenes from Welcome to Raccoon City. In the trailer, we see Leon and Claire trying to escape the monster, but whoever played it knows that the decision between attacking and fleeing is one of the most difficult, after all it’s just a matter of choosing the level of damage that will be suffered by the character.

Lickers, however, have a weakness: they are blind. A by-product of mutating humans into zombies, these monsters have exposed muscles and brains, but they make up for those weaknesses with great strength and speed. Such a transformation, thankfully, is rare, with the distinctive clatter of claws hitting the floor being a sign that perhaps you should go back to the chest for a healing item.

Lisa Trevor

Lisa Trevor is one of the most memorable characters from the first Resident Evil, promising to bring a most disturbing story to Welcome to Raccoon City (Image: Press Release/Sony Pictures)

This is one of the most impactful and memorable stories in the series and an inclusion in the film that came as a surprise to fans. The character, one of the central guinea pigs in Umbrella’s viral research, will be one of the STARS opponents during the mansion incident. She has already been shown in full length and appears briefly in the trailer for Welcome to Raccoon City, being played by Marina Mazepa (Evil one).

While her story in the film is still a mystery and seems different, in games she is one of the characters whose plot carries refinements of cruelty and is a beautiful demonstration of Umbrella’s lack of scruples. Lisa is the daughter of the mansion’s architect, George Trevor, whose entire family was kidnapped by the company and used in experiments as a way to erase the file related to the place’s secrets.

Captured as a child, she spent a good part of her life receiving viruses after viruses and proving to be resistant to them, even contributing to the creation of the parasite that would later give rise to the Nemesis. With her mind childish, she roams the mansion ravaged by Umbrella’s creatures in search of her mother’s corpse, whose torn face she uses over her own, as a way to stay close to her forever.

Monster with various shapes whose identity can be a spoiler for those who have never played

With different shapes, the result of an uncontrolled mutation, one of the “bosses” of Resident Evil 2 has already had a confirmed presence in the series’ cinematographic reboot (Image: Screenshot/Felipe Demartini/Canaltech)

A story based on the events of Resident Evil 2 I couldn’t leave William Birkin aside. In Welcome to Raccoon City, he is played by Neal McDonough (Minority Report: A Nova Lei) and also appears alongside his wife, Annette (Janet Porter) and daughter, Sherry (Holly de Barros). He is also one of Umbrella’s most prominent scientists and, in the trailer, the major figure behind the bizarre experiments that led to the city’s destruction.

His alignment also seems to put him on a collision course with the company. In games, Birkin is the creator of the G-Virus, a pathogen that creates uncontrolled mutations in the infected — it’s because of him that Umbrella invades its own laboratory and ends up killing one of its chief scientists. Before dying, however, he becomes infected with his own creation, transforming himself into a sequence of increasingly grotesque and violent monsters, also responsible for the image of the “eye in the shoulder” that has become one of the icons of Resident Evil.

One of the forms of Birkin, transformed, already appears in the trailer, indicating that we will see similar combats against the scientist. The preview also indicates that we will see his family’s relationship and the specialist’s obsession with his work, as well as Umbrella’s own betrayal, in a plot that, it seems, will continue in a very aligned way to that of the games.

Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City opens in Brazilian theaters on December 2nd, one week after its release in the United States. The film will be released exclusively in theaters, with no forecast to reach streaming services.

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