Rest and prepare the bags to travel to Tucumán

The Uruguayan Castro tries to control the ball against Soto’s mark

Last night’s crossing with Defense and Justice was left behind. Like everything that has been happening in Argentine soccer and with the speed with which everything happens, there is no time to fall down due to a defeat or celebrate a lot if you won.

There is only one month left (the tournament will end on October 23), and seven games that must be played yes or yes in that period.

The Pincha players will have the day off today to rest and recover from the effort made last night against the Halcón, and tomorrow they will start preparing for the next match, which in this case will come with a trip included for Students.

And yes, the albirrojos will have to pack their bags again, because on Thursday of last week they visited Rosario Central at the Gigante de Arroyito, and next Sunday, September 25 at 8:30 p.m., they will be visiting for the 21st date Atletico Tucuman.

As outlined by the student coaching staff, the soccer players will have to appear tomorrow at 10 at the City Bell Country Club, to start the preparation thinking about the cast directed by Lucas Pussini.


There will be only three practices in principle in our city (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday), since the schedule of the trip for Saturday has not yet been defined.

If the delegation leaves very early, it would carry out the last training session in the afternoon for the match already on Tucuman soil. On the other hand, if the flight is on Saturday afternoon, for example, it will give the coach time, Ricardo Zielinskyto finish with the preparation at the Country Club.

In that sense, until last night the schedule of the trip on Saturday was not clear because there were not many flights available. Some are well in advance and others very much about the game and you don’t want to take any chances.

The other option that the white-haired leadership is handling is to get a charter to travel on Saturday at the time that best suits the coaching staff.

The truth is that tomorrow the group will carry out regenerative physical tasks, weights in the gym, and only on Thursday will they begin to work with the ball from the tactical aspect.

On Friday, the RussianZielinsky He would already order the usual formal soccer practice between starters and substitutes, where he will begin to define the eleven names that will go out to play on Sunday night at the “José Fierro” Monumental Stadium.

It will be necessary to see if in those few practices that he will have in City Bell, the DT will put his hand in the team thinking about the rival on duty. Logically, tomorrow will be the day when the medical staff will review all those players who finished yesterday’s game against Florencio Varela’s team with some minor ailment.

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