Retail: Gastromile: Bottrop’s city center gets a new supermarket

25 years after the closure of the “Aldi” branch, the “City Markt” in Bottrop is moving in. The owners reveal what they are planning and when they will open.

Bottrop’s city center can look forward to a new food market. The former Askania branch on the gastro mile becomes the “City Markt”. The reopening is planned for September 30th. This was announced by the owners, Ahmed Abou-Noukte and Mohamed Hadjali, in an interview with WAZ.

Neither of them are career changers in the industry. They have been running the “Alsham Markt” on Trapez for almost six years, practically moving down the street from Gladbecker Strasse. The address with house number 14 becomes 15.

New supermarket in Bottrop with 450 square meters of retail space

When they open the new shop, they want to close the old shop at the same time. One reason for the change of location is the size of the new restaurant. “We now have 600 square meters, of which 450 square meters are retail space. The rest is warehouse and office,” says Abou-Noukte. In the shop that is still open, on the other hand, “195 square meters of retail space” are available, according to Hadjali.

In addition, the delivery of goods in the “City Markt” is much easier. There is a ramp at the Luise-Hensel-Straße parking lot. “This is a huge advantage for us,” says Abou-Noukte. In complete contrast to the situation on the trapeze for years. “We didn’t have a backyard,” says the entrepreneur. The goods had to be delivered through the pedestrian zone of Gladbecker Strasse. With the pallets, the path led through the narrow aisle to the trapeze. Customers and suppliers met together at the front door.

And due to the intricate location of the market, further problems arose. “Over time, we realized that the suppliers couldn’t find us,” says Mohamed Hadjali. That should be different from September 30th. Since May there has been a lot of hard work behind the black window film. Two cash registers are ready for use, and there will be a large fruit and vegetable counter to the right of the entrance. According to Abou-Noukte, the products come fresh from Venlo every day. Right next to it and on the opposite side, refrigerators are set up and switched on. Above it is “dairy” and “sausage”.

City Markt in Bottrop: Fresh meat from the butcher’s shop

In the rear area of ​​the market, fresh meat is to be offered in a butcher’s shop at a counter. Next to it is the “Delicatessen” department including a fish counter. There will also be self-service baked goods. Meter-long shelves and freezers have now been cleaned and are waiting to be filled with products.

Both owners are excited. Only little things have to be done. Some walls need fresh paint. Ventilation grilles on the butcher’s counter must be installed soon. The mirrors to be mounted on the fruit and vegetable counter have been ordered but not yet delivered. However, staff is not sought. They will take over the five employees from the “Alsham Markt” and they have also hired two new cashiers.

Former Aldi branch on Gladbecker Strasse

In the next few days, the “Askania” lettering will be removed from the store’s facade and replaced by “City Markt”. There are also plans to install an automatic sliding door at the main entrance and a display that will show the latest offers in the shop window.

When they open the “City Markt” they come full circle after 25 years. Because there used to be a grocery store on the spot. Bottropers who were born before the 1990s will remember. “Aldi” ran a branch for years. In 1997, the discounter gave up its downtown location.

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