Retirement: Pension: New figures – More and more pensioners have to work

The pensions: too low. Purchasing power: falling. As a result, more and more seniors have to work. Is a relief package due now?

More and more pensioners are going to work, mostly in mini jobs. Why? Because they feel fit and want to get involved? Or: Because otherwise they would not be able to make ends meet financially?

The left criticizes that the pensions are clearly too low. In addition, inflation is rising as a result of the Ukraine war. The threatening one loss of purchasing power could hit the seniors particularly hard.

Pensioners in need: Heil reserves the right to be relieved

the retirement benefits increase on July 1st, but less than planned due to the reactivation of the catch-up factor. Minister of Social Affairs Hubertus Heil (SPD) has already announced that pensioners will be relieved in the event that prices continue to rise.

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If you haven’t made a private provision in good time, you really have no choice in retirement but to save or to work even in old age. And that’s exactly what more and more small retirees are doing. The fear of poverty in old age is growing.

Pensioners: More than a million want or have to work

According to a response from the federal government to a question from the left in the Bundestag, which was reported by the editorial network Germany, 1.05 million employees were aged 67 or older last year. Ascending trend. In 2010 there were still around 685,000 employees, in 2015 almost 792,000, and in 2018 a good 968,000.

217,000 seniors are employed subject to social security contributions, 835,000 have a mini job. This is mainly due to the additional earnings limit. Because everything you earn beyond that is partly deducted from your pension.

Minister Heil knows “most pensioners in Germany do not live in the lap of luxury.” The CSU social politician Max Straubinger accused the coalition in the Bundestag of withholding the 300 euro energy price flat rate from pensioners. As of July 1, retirement benefits are to increase by 5.35 percent in western Germany and by 6.12 percent in eastern Germany.

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