Retirement: Pension: This threatens every third full-time employee

For every third full-time employee, the pension is low after 45 years of work. What amounts to expect.

Every third employee in Germany is currently threatened with a gross pension of less than 1,300 euros per month after 45 full-time professional years. This comes from a response from the Federal Ministry of Labor to a small request from the left in the Bundestag. After deducting health and long-term care insurance, this means roughly net 1160 Euro in retirement benefits.

As the answer further shows, employees at the current pension level must pay at least 2800 euros a month Deductions earn to get a statutory pension of 1,300 gross.

If you want to get a pension of 1500 euros in old age, you have to pay at least 3200 euros a month in Full time earn. In order to receive 2500 euros gross from the pension insurance, a monthly wage of 5350 euros before taxes and duties is currently required.

Left demands pension level of at least 50 percent

Left parliamentary group leader Dietmar Bartsch told our editorial team that it was unacceptable that a third of employees were only threatened with a small pension after 45 years of full-time work. The federal government’s figures show that “many employees not only earn too little, but also too little pension for their own Lifetime achievement receive”.

It undermines trust in the statutory pension insurance “if only a few hundred euros remain above Hartz IV level after a full working life”. Bartsch demanded that the pension level should at least be over 50 percent rise. According to the pension insurance report in 2021, it was last at 49.4 percent.

Pension: wage increases not yet taken into account

In its response, however, the Federal Ministry of Labor pointed out that the analysis of the figures does not allow any direct statements to be made about the level of earnings over the course of an entire working life. The background is that there will be in the future too Wage increases that could not be taken into account for the current survey.

The government also emphasized that “in principle, no conclusions can be drawn about the standard of living in old age” from acquired pension entitlements, since, for example, additional old-age income outside the statutory pension insurance would have to be taken into account.

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