Retro Citroën Berlingo 2CV Fourgonnette is the cutest modern van

In 1951, Citroën introduced the Fourgonnette AU version of its iconic 2CV, which has a boxy van rear with incredible corrugated body panels that add rigidity. The Fourgonnette was sold until 1987, with over 1.2 million units produced in total. The closest modern equivalent to the Citroën range is the Berlingo, a more traditional but still very quirky compact van. Citroën brings the spirit of the 2CV van to life with the new Berlingo 2CV Fourgonnette, an officially licensed retro makeover kit for the Berlingo.

The new Berlingo Fourgonnette is the result of a collaboration between Citroën and Italian coachbuilder Caselani, and it is not the first time that Caselani has offered a retro body kit for a modern Citroën van. In 2017 the large Jumper-based Type H was introduced to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the original Type H minivan, then in 2020 the Type HG debuted, based on the smaller Jumpy and Spacetourer models. But I think the new Berlingo Fourgonnette is the most successful (and adorable) of the three models.

A passenger version will also be available


Citroën designers worked closely with Caselani’s team to ensure the new van had the vibe of the original without being interpreted too literally. All new body panels are made from fiberglass and have integrated bolts and clips for securing to the frame. Large round headlights protrude from the front fenders, and the Fourgonnette has a V-shaped hood and a tall grille with a huge Citroën chevron emblem. The doors and side panels are completely new, with a domed roof section giving the effect that the load section is separated from the bodywork as on the original 2CV. The rear doors are also new and have cool oval windows, and the taillights are retro round units. While the ribs on all the body panels are just for flair on the new car, it certainly looks amazing, and the new Van also has plenty of chrome accents that hark back to the original.

Caselani will manufacture both 3-seat commercial panel and 5-seat passenger versions of the minivan, and it will be available with diesel, gasoline and all-electric powertrains. The e-Berlingo has a 50 kilowatt-hour battery with a range of around 170 miles, and it can be charged to 80% in 30 minutes. Order books for the kit will open in early October, with production expected to begin in January 2023.

Citroen Berlingo 2CV Van

I need it.


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