Return to Monkey Island: Adventure Walkthrough

Ahoy, pirates! As you probably know, Return to Monkey Island has a built-in help directly in the game. (You only get the feature after playing a few minutes with the Voodoo Lady on Mêlée Island). This way you can get tips if you ever get stuck somewhere. But for those who want more, we’ve put together this comprehensive walkthrough. Here we take you step by step, chapter by chapter, through the hard mode and answer all questions: What is LeChuck’s motto? What do you have to do in the hold? And how do you find your way through the dark cave? It goes without saying that the highest spoiler danger level applies here.

If you have specific questions, we can also answer them in the comments section. And if you’re more interested in a Return to Monkey Island test (buy now €22.99 ) If you are interested, we have the right article for you here, including a video. For all those who are still struggling with the graphics, we recommend our large survey, in which we wanted to find out which Monkey Island is the most beautiful of all pirate adventures in your opinion.

Prelude – An unexpected story begins: First go to the Scurvydog store with Chucky. Order some Scurvydogs from the seller there. After the dialogue, take the wooden leg with the key on it. Exit the store and go left to the outhouse. Unlock the door, go inside and pick up the small metal thing (a fake fifty) from the floor. Go back to the sausage seller, give him the counterfeit money and buy the Scurvydogs. (You also return the key for an achievement.) Then leave the square through the exit on the right.

After meeting Dee, first look at the anchor on the grass and then continue right to the betting ground. Challenge Chuckie to a race. You win the race by running to the finish line (double click on PC, hold down shoulder button on Switch).

Now go to the duck pond. Examine the basket. As soon as Chuckie checks the basket, you can quickly grab some bread next to the woman and feed the duck with it. Then pick up the red blob of ketchup from the ground and rub it on your Scurvydog in your inventory. Then practice sword fighting with the ship model. On the meadow to the right of the pond you will also find a four-leaf clover. Further to the right, below the red gate, you will find a coin that you throw into the fountain. Now go through the red gate to the right. This ends the tutorial and you can plunge into the actual adventure.

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