Returnal 2: a PS5 sequel in production?

During a recent interview, a member of the studio Housemarque answered a question about the development of Returnal 2. Will the PS5 host a new episode or is it already over?

Is Housemarque done with Returnal, their PS5 rogue-like voted best game at the BAFTA Games Awards 2022? No announcement… but the door is clearly open for Returnal 2.

Returnal 2 on PlayStation 5? Not impossible!

In an interview for VGC, Eevi Korhonen, senior narrative designer at Housemarque, was asked about the future of IP. Our colleagues wanted to know if a Returnal 2 was a possibility or not at all. And here is the answer that suggests that the studio is not going to stop there…

I can’t talk too much about it (laughs). But I think the team members let slip that we are working on a new license. As to whether we’ll pick up Selene’s story after that, that’s still to be determined.

Eevi Korhonen, senior narrative designer at Housemarque.

It’s not an outright yes for Returnal 2, but it’s not a firm no either. Wait & see as the expression goes. And if you haven’t yet approached this excellent game, it is offered in the PS Plus Premium, but is also worth buying given its qualities.

What would a sequel look like?

If there is to be a sequel, Housemarque would probably take over the two big news from the first episode. Two-player online co-op and the Tower of Sisyphus. A mode resolutely turned towards scoring.

Returnal is available exclusively on PS5.

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