Reveals coronary heart disease in family: “Funkygine” scared of her newborn son

The mother of four just posted a post titled: “Overwhelmed by a huge fear.”

The top blogger writes that she is a happy new mother, but that she recently received a message that made her very stressed:

One of her older children has a corona.

Scary scenarios

“I was not really prepared for such a reaction, but I was suddenly just overwhelmed by a huge fear that the smallest and most fragile of us could also be infected. Since my impulse control and much of the rational in me has been replaced with heaps of jumping hormones, I managed to imagine miles of scary scenarios before Morten managed to stop me “, she writes in the post.

When she was informed of the corona infection, she was overwhelmed by a huge fear. Hence the title of the blog post.

After conferring with her husband Morten Sundli (31), her mother, Sundli’s mother and people in the health sector, they found a solution.

Two cohorts in the family

She points out that they do not plan to keep a distance of two meters at a time, but that they drop most of the physical contact. They divide the family into two cohorts, where Vasstrand and the newborn son will sleep in their own room and have their own bathroom.

“Because even though the strategy seems to be that most people should be infected…, there are some exceptions. New moms and their babies among other things. Something that is definitely easier said than done when you have children in school and kindergarten … »

“But that’s the way it is, and that’s why we are facing a strange quarantine week (minimum). Indigo and I sleep alone, have our own bathroom and try to keep our distance from the rest of the gang. “

She says that she already longs to hold on to her other three children. At the same time as she finds the situation difficult, she emphasizes that she knows many have far greater problems and challenges than this.

Good evening Norway has contacted Vasstrand and her management. They have not responded to our inquiries.

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