Reveals details about the wedding

On Thursday evening, the big ELLE gala took place at Sommerro in Oslo. On the red carpet, Good Evening Norway met influencer and former Bloggerne profile Anniken Jørgensen (26) together with her fiance, Theo.

It was in May that the former “Bloggers” profile revealed that she and her boyfriend had become engaged.

Now she tells God Kveld Norge that they will soon start planning their wedding, and want to go out into nature.

– Something very simple, something classic. Very me. It will probably be a forest wedding, I want to go out into the forest, says Jørgensen to Good Evening Norway.

Looking for a wedding planner

In an Instagram post from September, Jørgensen writes that she and her fiancé have been together for a year and a half. Although it didn’t take long for the couple to get engaged, they say they want to take plenty of time to plan the big day.

– Very little has happened since we decided to get married, but we will still get married, laughs Theo.

– Maybe in two years, adds Jørgensen.

Despite the fact that the influencer is looking forward to getting married, she admits that the time leading up to the big day can be quite hectic.

– I don’t understand how you can have time to get married. I think we need to find a wedding planner, because I can’t do all this planning myself, she says about the hectic time ahead.

First Christmas together

Jørgensen only confirmed in September last year that she had found a boyfriend, and two months later the Bloggerne profile revealed that they had become cohabitants.

To Good evening Norway, Jørgensen says that this Christmas will be her first together with her fiancé.

– We are going home to my parents on Christmas Eve, and to Theo’s family on Little Christmas Eve, says Jørgensen.

Furthermore, the influencer explains that this year’s Christmas will be very different from her usual celebration.

– I usually celebrate Christmas with mum and dad, so there are very few of us. Theo tends to have a bit more family present, but it will be very cosy, says Jørgensen.

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