Reveals hidden illness

The mother of actress Gwyneth Paltrow, Blythe Danner (79), speaks out about her hidden battle against cancer in a new interview with People.

– I remember looking up at the sky and saying to Bruce, “Are you lonely?”, Danner says about being given the same diagnosis as her late husband to People.

Danner is himself a veteran of the acting industry and is perhaps best known for his roles in, among others, the Ben Stiller comedy “Meet the Parents” and the iconic series “Will & Grace.”

Same diagnosis as the man

In the interview, Danner says that she noticed the first symptoms of what turned out to be cancer while she was working on a project in London in the New Year in 2018.

– I started to feel dizzy and forgot everything, she explains. (…) Then I felt a lump on the back of my neck right where Bruce had discovered his in 1999, Danner explains.

SAME DIAGNOSIS: Blythe Danner received the same cancer diagnosis that killed her husband, Bruce Paltrow, in 2002. Here, the couple is photographed together in 2001.

SAME DIAGNOSIS: Blythe Danner received the same cancer diagnosis that took the life of her husband, Bruce Paltrow, in 2002. Here the couple is photographed together in 2001. Photo: ROBERT SPENCER

In March of the same year, she was diagnosed with adenoid cystic carcinoma, a very rare type of throat cancer that often arises in the salivary gland. Danner’s diagnosis was the same one that killed her husband, Bruce Paltrow in 2002.

– Everyone is affected by cancer in one way or another, but it is unusual for a couple to have the same type of cancer, says Danner about the diagnosis.

– Did not fear death

After several years of operations, chemotherapy and alternative treatment, Danner reveals that she is finally on the road to recovery.

– It’s an insidious disease, but I’m perfectly fine now. Not least I am lucky to be alive, says the “Will & Grace” actor.

The 79-year-old actress says that the loss of her husband, to whom she was married for 33 years, changed her outlook on life and death, which in turn made her stronger in her own difficult battle against the disease.

– I don’t fear death at all, says Danner.

– Kept it hidden

The award-winning actress says that her first instinct after receiving the diagnosis was to spare the children.

– I kept it hidden from my children for a long time. I wanted to continue as a mother, and I didn’t want them to worry, says Danner.

Gwyneth Paltrow tells People that she was extremely shocked when her mother first came forward with the diagnosis.

– It was scary, and it felt extra creepy because it was so similar to my father’s illness, says Paltrow to People.

Furthermore, Paltrow praises her mother for her resilience in the fight against cancer.

– I was amazed by her strength, says Paltrow.

These days, Danner keeps his focus on his family and works to create awareness about throat cancer in collaboration with the American foundation, the Oral Cancer Foundation.

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