Revelations on the Hamraoui affair: Aminata Diallo nourished "real hate" against her teammate

From the violent attack perpetrated in December 2021, the affair surrounding Kheira Hamraoui, the victim, and his teammate at the time, Aminata Diallo, is rocking with the revelations of the Parisian. The national daily announces that it has got hold of the investigation carried out by the crime prevention brigade of the Versailles judicial police. The police see in the profile of Aminata Diallo, indicted a few days ago and accused of being the sponsor of the violent attack on Kheira Hamraoui,a slow psychological drift become, so to speak, pathological.

A “real hate” of Aminata Diallo against Kheira Hamraoui

The investigation reveals “in an irrefutable way” that the former PSG player, now without a club, “nurtured a real hatred against his partner”. According to the police, Aminata Diallo saw her as “an obstacle to his own sporting career.” The thirty-seven pages of the report describe how, a few months before the attack on Kheira Hamraoui, the player felt a “deep jealousy”, coupled with a feeling of injustice. These are WhatsApp messages that revealed these facts, and which show A beleaguered Aminata Diallo while his contract with PSG, which ended at the end of the season, had not yet been renewed. Her teammate benefited, according to her, from a “favorable treatment”. But everything changes when she contacts one of her relatives, nicknamed “Jaja”implying that a simple request on his part could “destroy” his sister. She also says she should have “make it cut off his legs”speaking of an altercation between her and a former female PSG coach.

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Strange research on how “break a kneecap”

The judicial police of Versailles suggests in its report that it is Aminata Diallo’s determination to help her family which would have pushed the player to order the attack – which she denies. But when her teammate is the victim of this set-up, Diallo replaces her on the field. Disturbing elements and an appetite for violence that leave little doubt to investigators. Especially since tapping and discoveries on a computer also make it possible to confuse the player. She wondered how “break a kneecap”. In addition, requisitions from Snapchat, which Aminata Diallo would have opportunely deleted from her phone two days after the attack, made it possible to demonstrate the link between the footballer and the three young attackerswho quickly confessed.

An assault against 500 euros?

According to them, a mysterious intermediary would have given them enough information to allow them to be posted at the place where the attack will take place. This intermediary is a friend of Aminata Diallo, who offers 500 euros to the attackers to prevent Hamraoui from playing an important match five days later. Indicted and imprisoned, Diallo denies being behind this case, seeing “a smear media campaign”.

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