Review The Freestyle: the advantage of having a projector anywhere

The bet was simple: an extremely portable projector. And they did. Samsung’s The Freestyle has a name very much in keeping with what it offers, because it is total freedom. The small device weighs just 830 grams and can easily be carried in your bag.

How far does it project? A maximum of 2.7 meters. And it is that The Freestyle is designed for everyday but mobile use. Watch a movie in your living room, bedroom, or even take it camping. Go to a friend’s house and out of nowhere pull out your projector. The Freestyle is designed to accompany you.

Winter Break? You can have a movie session in any corner of the house. The Freestyle can become a great ally to break the routine. Let’s go to its characteristics.

projection characteristics

Its quality is not far behind. While don’t expect 4k, or the highest definitions on the market, its power is pretty good considering its size. The Freestyle has a projection in Full HD + quality of up to 100 inches. Which wall to aim for? It has a system that allows it to rotate 180 degrees, so the options are very wide (including the possibility of watching a movie on the ceiling, lying on your bed).

Its brightness is only 550 lumens, enough for a movie night, maybe not enough to fight the sun. But it is that here, what is being targeted is portability rather than power, but with good performance. It is a balanced team.

In addition, The Freestyle automatically focuses the image for a clear, sharp projection in seconds and features auto leveling, which ensures that the screen stays level on any surface.


Regarding its connections, it has a micro HDMI input. But the coolest thing: You can connect The Freestyle to a power bank with the USB-C cable for portable use. Of course, The Freestyle is compatible with USB-PD external batteries and output of 50W / 20V or higher. So you have to find the right one.

It is important to note that the equipment does not require extra connections for audio, since it has a well-performing built-in speaker. We insist: for everyday uses.


Finally we disregard how intuitive it is. Its system is similar to that of a smart TV, so you will have comfortable access to your content. Its store allows access to the most popular streaming applications on the market. Some even come pre-installed like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or Disney +.

Similarly, The Freestyle can mirror content from iOS and Android. You can also control it either with its remote or cell phone.

Other data

How long does it last? 20 thousand hours is the promise of Samsung. In addition, The Freestyle has accessories (some will be available later) that make it even more versatile, such as: transform it into a night light or be able to hang it from a light bulb connection in the ceiling.

The equipment is already available in the region. Particularly in Chile The Freestyle is available in the official Samsung store at a price of 619,990 Chilean pesos (688 USD). While the team lags behind its big brothers The Premiere, The Freestyle is a tremendous high-quality bet for those who want versatile equipment without spending much.

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