Review: The newly elected politician’s company must pay 14 million – drops out after SVT’s questions

Jim Lundgren (SD) runs a number of companies in, among other things, haulage and real estate, several of which over the years have received auditor’s remarks for late tax payments and other errors.

One of them had liquidity problems in 2020 as a result of the pandemic. It received several payment concessions from its bank, but the problems remained and in February 2021 the bank announced that the company’s large investment loan would be terminated.

The company asked for a reprieve to arrange other financing, but when the bank still hadn’t received the money last summer, the termination came into effect. “The credit is terminated in its entirety until 08/04/2021 due to a significant delay in payment” it said when the case was taken to the Bailiff.

The bailiff had to search Lundgren several times to hand over the claim. Through his legal representative, he also objected to that, and the Kronofogden submitted the case to the Gothenburg District Court.

Drops off

Jim Lundgren does not want to participate in a television interview, but says that they had different opinions about the loan, and that in practice there was never any risk that the money would not be repaid, as the company’s property is worth more than the bank’s demands.

In the district court, a settlement was agreed this spring, which means that the company and Lundgren must pay the debt of a total of more than 14 million by September 30.

Jim Lundgren states that he will make sure that the millions are paid on time, and that he is now also liquidating all his corporate involvements.

He has run for both the Riksdag and the municipal council in Kungälv. This weekend it was clear that he will be a substitute in the Riksdag and he has also expected to take a seat in the municipal council.

But now he chooses to resign from the assignments.

Greger Plannthin, chairman of SD in Kungälv, says that the information about the companies comes as a surprise. He says that Lundgren should have told them about them earlier and that he now understands the defection.

SVT has previously drawn attention to the fact that parliamentary candidates from different parties are running companies that have received serious criticismand after SVT’s questions, Mattias Johansson (C) in Uddevalla announced that he would leave their assignments.

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SVT’s reporter lists three errors in the parliamentary candidates’ companies. Photo: Christine Olsson/TT

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