Review the one to one of Colo Colo against Deportes Antofagasta

Brayan Cortes: Except for a couple of off-hooks, it had no major action. His first intervention came just in minute 71 ‘and he had no problems to cover a very warm and focused shot.

Oscar Opazo: Although it was screened a lot, its overflows did not generate greater danger. Undoubtedly when he goes at speed he manages to draw differences. In defense he had no problems.

Maximiliano Falcon: Intractable, the pattern behind. He did not give the attackers a chance to visit. Fierce on the mark, with good reactions, clearing all the balls and winning from the top.

Emiliano Love: Correct presentation. He was solid and neat when he hit the ground. In addition, he was firm in hand-to-hand and his contribution in aerial balls is considerable.

Miiko Albornoz: Good first presentation in front of the fans. Although he did not project himself as much, he looked good at the moment of recovering the ball and then going out with it. In the complement he continued with his good presentation, but sometimes he decided to clear long, losing the ball.

Vicente Pizarro: In the first half he was not with the same clarity as in previous games, but always well positioned to recover. In the complement he established himself and did not lose balls. In addition, he had a key recovery at the time of starting the play in Costa’s goal. Ownership has been earned by far.

Cesar Fuentes: The 45 ‘minutes that he was dared to break lines to generate football. In addition, he always contributed to the moment of recovering as he is accustomed to us.

Joan Cruz: How much desire he shows, although sometimes they play a trick on him and he tends to hurry. He had two nice plays. The first came after an action full of dribbling and finished off with his less skillful foot and the goalkeeper covered well. The other was after chipping the ball but hit the part of the net that does not add up.

Pablo Solari: Discreet party of the Pibe. He was hurrying a lot, which led to him losing a series of balls. Quinteros caught his attention on a number of occasions and decided to replace him when the second half began.

Gabriel Costa: Although it was not fine at the time of delivery on a number of times, its contribution to recovery is undeniable. His prize for the effort came when he recovered the ball in high part to reach the baseline and find Morales who finished below the arc. In addition, he scored the goal of tranquility also in the mouth of the goal. His desire always pays off. He has been the figure of the party in a series of meetings and today was no exception.

Ivan Morales: It was not a match where he was assisted so much, so he had to be delayed to enter the game. He had a clear just started the second half, but was delayed in the hitch and they took it away. He scored the opening of the account at minute 61 ‘.

The Cacique won and is the leader waiting for the La Calera duel. Source: UNO Agency.

Gustavo Quinteros decided to move the pieces and made a series of changes to seek victory. In the first instance he entered Leonardo Gil e Ignacio Jara by Cesar Fuentes and Pablo Solari. In addition, they entered Carlo Villanueva, Daniel Gutiérrez and Javier Parraguez, instead of Joan Cruz, Miiko Albornoz e Ivan Morales.

Ignacio Jara: Just entered, he gave a remarkable long pass to Morales but the forward could not solve. He tried a series of filtered passes, but they didn’t make it. He launched the huntress at the time of Costa’s goal. Finally, he wasted a 2 vs 2 after not giving it to the Peruvian quickly.

Leonardo Gil: He came in to give more football, since they skipped the midfield a lot in the first half. And he fully complied, ordering the middle zone and contributing with good decisions in the delivery.

Carlo Villanueva: He put a good filtered pass to Jara who ended up looking for the left-hander so that Costa later scored the second goal.

Daniel Gutierrez: Entered to give Albornoz rest and to bring freshness to the left wing.

Javier Parraguez: He could not come into play in the few minutes he had.

The Peruvian again dressed as a figure. Source: UNO Agency.

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