Review the one to one of Colo Colo against O’Higgins

Brayan Cortes: He did not have many dangerous occasions. In the first goal of the premises he gave the impression that he could do something else and in the second he could not do anything. He had a big loss in 89 ‘after Falcón’s error.

Oscar Opazo: With the passing of the minutes he was able to establish himself and was incorporated more in attack. He made a good tandem with Solari. Except for a bad crossing, in defense he did a correct performance. However, in O’Higgins’ second goal he could not close whoever pivoted the ball. But overall, good work.

Maximiliano Falcon: Although on some occasions he took a long time to start, he was firm in his defense. Solid and uncomplicated when clearing long. However, at 89 ‘he took a long time to clear near the area and ended in a shot from the celestial ones.

Emiliano Love: One of the best this afternoon in Rancagua. Calm to get the ball from below, firm on the mark, in the anticipations and they did not beat him in the heads up. Great game for the Argentine who took everything out.

Gabriel Suazo placeholder image: Not much happened to the attack, but when defending, he did it in a good way. In such a way that the attacks of the Rancaguinos did not pass through his band. In addition, the delivery was accurate.

Cesar Fuentes: Your silent work is essential. Good in the recovery of the ball and when breaking lines from behind. He ran the entire commitment in search of the ball. In addition, he was the one who threw the center at the time of Parraguez’s goal.

Leonardo Gil: He had a discreet game due to the fact that he always had a rival on top of him, missing a lot of passes and in the corner kicks his centers did not find anyone. In addition, a bad start brought a crossbar from the rival. He was able to establish himself in the complement and had greater prominence. Despite that, he was unable to close Muñoz in O’Higgins’ goal. However, he scored the winning goal with a real free kick goal. He may have a low game, but he always has something up his sleeve.

Joan Cruz: Shows great personality, good with the ball at the feet, with great short dribbling. Sometimes he gains momentum and he tends to rush a lot, but as the games go by, he will gain more experience in this matter.

Pablo Solari: One of the best in this match. Good when it comes to taking advantage of your speed to make a difference. He made a good tandem with Opazo. He gave Bolados a good three-fingered assist that he couldn’t define well. On another play, he reached the baseline and threw a cross that ended in a dubious play that could have been a penalty to Bolados. It marked the tie just started the complement. As a result of the clash in the goal and the great journey he made, he was replaced by Soto at 63 ‘.

hefty milestones: It generated danger moving around the front of the attack, but it lacked precision in the last one. In a counterattack, he took a long time and did not make a good decision when he had two companions alone at his side. In addition, he wasted a heads-up after a good pass from Solari. However, he contributed in defense.

Javier Parraguez: You tend to make a lot of bad decisions. He tries, but it is not enough. He holds the ball well, but it is difficult for him with the ball at his feet and he loses a lot of balls. However, he managed to score the 2 to 1 with a good header after a bad start from the goalkeeper.

The Cacique won in Rancagua and moved away at the top. Source: Guillermo Salazar.

Gustavo Quinteros decided to move the pieces and sent Bryan Soto by an exhausted Pablo Solari at 63 ‘. At 77 ‘he entered Ignacio Jara by Cesar Fuentes. And when the match was over, Luciano Arriagada and Vicente Pizarro they entered by Javier Parraguez and Joan Cruz.

Bryan Soto: He entered to give more solidity to the white midfield and he fulfilled as always, being notable in the recovery and with good decisions in the delivery.

Ignacio Jara: Entered to give clarity to the offensive albas, but could not gravitate.

Luciano Arriagada: You need to earn a position. In one of the few he had, he went only against one and had two companions alone, however, he took a long time and missed a good opportunity.

Vicente Pizarro: He always performs, he is well placed on the court and because of that he manages to recover the ball.

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