Review the one to one of Colo Colo against Unión Española

Brayan Cortes: In the few that had to intervene, the Hispanic auctions went without danger.

Oscar Opazo: This is the Cake we want to see. The duel began a bit hesitant, but it took hold and a lot with the passing of the minutes. He joined the attack well, having two very good overflows but which could not be materialized. In defense he had no complications.

Emiliano Love: Together with Falcón they did not have much work. But when he had to intervene, he won all the balls through the air and was correct when anticipating. At the moment of taking the ball from below, he is calm and does not raffle the ball. Although at speed he is slow, his partner in the rear covers him in a good way. With a header he put the fourth goal of the game.

Maximiliano Falcon: The same as Amor. In the few arrivals of Hispanics, it was solid in the brand and in the anticipations. Good when he had to get to close the long balls covering Amor. He pivoted the ball at the moment of Popular’s last goal.

Gabriel Suazo placeholder image: Keep showing your good present. They did not bother him on defense, yes, his only failure came when he could not intercept the ball or close Palacios in the only shot of the visit in the first half. In the second goal, he had a great personal move leaving the defense in the way to launch the center to Solari. He left for Gutiérrez at 63 ‘due to discomfort.

Cesar Fuentes: Always with his silent work and with the overalls on. Although his work is not so showy, his contribution to the recovery of the ball is key.

Vicente Pizarro: He won the applause. He was always well positioned to retrieve the ball and also when he hit the ground. With the ball at his feet, he always has the clarity needed to make good decisions.

Joan Cruz: More win than football. He managed to establish himself with the passing of the minutes. He gave two good filtered passes to Morales but the forward did not know how to take advantage of them. He missed a good cross from Opazo finishing off with his weak leg by not trusting his right. At the end of the first half, they gave him the penalty that gave us the opening of the account. He had a good personal play that ended with a shot to the side of the net. He left at 70 ‘by Arriagada.

Gabriel Costa: Although he did not play badly, associating well with his teammates, perhaps he lacked more prominence and daring more. His revenge came at 74 ‘to put the third after failure of the rear of Unión Española.

hefty milestones: Could not stand out as in previous games. The few times it overflowed, it generated no danger. Product of a blow in the first part, he was replaced by Solari when the complement began.

Ivan Morales: He managed to cause danger, delaying and holding the ball well. He scored the opening of the account from twelve steps and managed to score a double by pushing the ball under the goal after Solari’s low pass.

Hand in hand with the quarry, the Cacique thrashed Union Española 4-0. Source: UNO Agency.

Gustavo Quinteros decided to move the pieces and sent a series of players to the playing field. The first to come out was Marcos Bolados by Pablo Solari. Later, Bruno Gutiérrez, Luciano Arriagada, Leonardo Valencia and Bryan Soto entered, instead of Gabriel Suazo, Joan Cruz, Gabriel Costa and César Fuentes, respectively.

Pablo Solari: Good income from the Kid. Pressing the opponent’s exit, contributing in defense and attack with his dribbles and speed. In the second goal he was key after good chest control and great hook to remove the mark and launch the hunt at Morales.

Bruno Gutierrez: He did not have major problems in defense. The few times he had to intervene, he did well.

Luciano Arriagada: Shows the desire to play in Colo Colo. Always pressing the rival and showing himself to receive. He had a shot, but he slipped and it came out very weak.

Leonardo Valencia: Again it did not gravitate. Contrary to the rest of the changes, it seems not to show desire.

Bryan Soto: Entered to refresh the midfield and contributed to the recovery of the ball.

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