Review the one to one of Colo Colo in the first half against Cobresal

Brayan Cortés: Quiet day for the meta that has practically not been required.

Oscar Opazo: Correct performance of the side, projecting a lot to the attack and participating a lot in the game of the albos. On his side he was not surpassed by rival attackers.

Maximiliano Falcón: He had a particular duel with Matías Donoso, where he always won the colocolino. He looks neater in the last line and his performance definitely grows in front of his audience.

Emiliano Amor: Always well stopped and attentive to crossings. The defender continues to confirm his good moment in the team.

Miiko Albornoz: It has rocked. On his side he has not been very demanding and has had some interesting projections on offense.

Vicente Pizarro: Of the best again. Clarifier, always makes good decisions, makes his teammates play better and even dared with a distance shot that passed very close to the post.

Leonardo Gil: He has done the usual, being the engine of the midfield and put in the opposite field, where he received many fouls. At the mark he has been good to recover balls and confirms that he must not leave his natural position.

Gabriel Costa: He has not been able to with the defensive bolt of Cobresal, although he also managed to get a shoe from medium distance that almost sneaks into the goal guarded by Leandro Requena.

Pablo Solari: He always tries and does not stop fighting, although he has not been very precise and it has been difficult for him to prevail in individual duels.

Leonardo Gil has complied with Cobresal in a good way. / PHOTO: Agencia Uno

Joan Cruz: The 18-year-old won every time he faced a defender, showing off his good technique with some masterful controls. However, he lacked having a greater role in offense.

Ivan Morales: He had a more fighting match than on other occasions, always having to go to clash with opponents and almost never in the area. He has not had chances and has not been very accompanied on offense.

Iván Morales has not enjoyed many occasions. / PHOTO: Agencia Uno

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