Rey Grupero revealed why he hit “Fofo” Márquez during his heavy prank on the streets

Apparently, the fight between Rey Grupero and “Flabby” Marquez not only took place in social networks from all over Mexico, especially after the alleged aggression denounced by the influencer by the Cynthia Klitbo’s ex in the middle of a public road, even generating injuries to the front of his head.

It all started after the criticism the popular King Grupero did to the content creator after closing a bridge in the spicy city of Guadalajara. with luxury cars in the middle of the intersection of the Mexican city, generating a wave of rumors and threats by different people from the media plane.

Far from calming the waters, Rodolfo Márquez responded to such warnings with great arrogance and very much in his style, indicating that he enjoys greater fame and popularity than many influencers of the charro medium, and at the insistence of Rey Grupero, he chose to make the aforementioned joke without no escort in between.

“I am going to present myself without escorts, but where you do something crooked to me, then you do not finish it, dad, because I am neither Carlos Trejo nor Alfredo Adame, I do have what and I do weigh it”indicated the also ‘youtuber’.


Through his stories uploaded to Instagram, he himself “Flabby” accused Rey Grupero of having ambushed him so that they beat him down, since he indicated that he insisted that he not have security members around him, causing the “influencer” to be attacked by different people.

Far from remaining silent, Rey Grupero himself also gave his version of the events through videos in which Marquez was hit on the head with the glass of a car, who was then treated by local doctors.

However, the anecdote is that when one of his escorts arrived, the popular King received a knee to the face.

The content creator is recognized for his eccentricities such as cars, luxuries and travel (Photo: Fofo Marquez / Instagram)
The content creator is recognized for his eccentricities such as cars, luxuries and travel (Photo: Fofo Marquez / Instagram)

In this sense, Rodolfo Márquez said that such blows produced a cut in his skull of almost four centimeters, for which he had to go to have the wound sutured to prevent future bleeding.

Of course, the internet celebrity did not hesitate to publicly threaten Rey Grupero, swearing that he will have his sweet revenge at the least expected moment.

“I had eggs. I left the trucks somewhere else and got into a car with him and he gave me a foursome. I went alone and you did not comply, no, my Grupero King, you are not going to finish them. Pin *** four that they put me (…) mine goes dad I told you that you don’t play with me, right now they’re going to sew me up and everything”, “Fofo” ended before his thousands of followers.

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