RH President Kraker invited to the ÖVP sub-committee

The ÖVP Corruption Investigation Committee is still dealing with the Covid 19 Federal Financing Agency (COFAG), to which the President of the Court of Auditors (RH), Margit Kraker, has been invited. In a report, the Court of Auditors sharply criticized COFAG and recommended its dissolution.

The President of the Court of Auditors, Margit Kraker

ORF.at/Roland Winkler

The auditors not only criticized the design of the CoV aid, but also the establishment and composition of the management and control bodies as well as the personal ties between COFAG and its parent company ABBAG.

Kraker had also recently called for increased efforts to create a better political culture. “We need a political culture of respect for institutions and self-restraint,” she said in the APA interview. Government politicians “and especially the ÖVP” would have to lead the way.

One wants to take the criticism of the RH President seriously, according to ÖVP parliamentary group leader Andreas Hanger. However, one will take a close look at how the coalition partner, the Greens, with whom the government work has been precisely coordinated, will react, according to Hanger. He hopes that they can free themselves “from the clutches of the SPÖ” in the U-Committee.

Tourist Hörl loaded

After Kraker comes the Tyrolean ÖVP MP Franz Hörl. The opposition wants to ask Hörl, who runs a hotel in the Zillertal himself, about the CoV help he received, among other things. One does not want to pillory anyone, according to the SPÖ, and Hörl should not be made better or worse. Based on the funds that have flowed, you can see what went wrong with the CoV aid, using Hörl as an example, said SPÖ parliamentary group leader Kai Jan Krainer.

Hanger accused Krainer of “second-rate, shabby politics” and the distribution of “fake news” in relation to Hörl. Contrary to what was claimed, Hörl did not make a profit of 1.7 million in 2020. However, Krainer spoke of a profit of 390,000 euros, of which 155,000 came from the tax pot. This is also evident in the stenographic logs, according to Krainer.

The third person to provide information is a large-scale auditor from the tax office, who is supposed to provide answers on the Rene Benko case. The deputies want to ask why Finanz Benko made concessions on the “Tuchlauben complex”, a large real estate project in downtown Vienna. The assessment basis for this was set at 36 million euros instead of 50 million euros, according to the Green parliamentary group leader Nina Tomaselli.

Yesterday, the former managing director of the agency, Bernhard Perner, and ABBAG supervisory board chairman Wolfgang Nolz were asked about COFAG.

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