Rheinmetall can deliver the first Marder tanks in three weeks

The armaments group Rheinmetall wants to be able to deliver the first repaired Marder-type armored personnel carriers in three weeks. “We could, for example, provide a total of 100 martens in the medium term, the first ones would be ready in three weeks,” said Armin Papperger, CEO of the “Süddeutsche Zeitung”.

“We are waiting for the government’s final decision. But there are currently enough countries that want these vehicles, not just Ukraine,” said the 59-year-old, referring to the war in Ukraine.

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The martens are at the center of a discussion about the delivery of heavy weapons to Ukraine. The Bundestag approved this at the end of April.

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However, the federal government is keeping a low profile with information on individual weapon types such as Leopard main battle tanks or Marder infantry fighting vehicles. Among other things, they considered an exchange of rings, whereby the armored personnel carriers would be supplied to Slovenia, which in return would sell tanks to Ukraine.

Rheinmetall has stocks of used tanks that can be reconditioned for use. “We started four weeks ago, although there is no concrete order yet. So we do it at our own risk, ”said Papperger, who had already promoted the Düsseldorf-based armaments group in numerous interviews in recent weeks.

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He also sees the German government’s 100 billion euro program to upgrade the Bundeswehr as an opportunity for the company. “Of course this is just a start. It is important that there is permanent investment and that the two percent mark – after all a common NATO goal – is adhered to.”

Then the Bundeswehr could be brought “in the next five to seven years” to a state “that we need,” said Papperger. The Bundeswehr currently has “too little of everything”.

According to Papperger, he was “firmly convinced” that Rheinmetall could increase sales from just under six to more than ten billion euros in the next few years. It is currently almost six billion euros. The share price on the stock exchange has more than doubled since the beginning of the war in Ukraine. (dpa, AFP)

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