Ricardo Gareca explains Gabriel Costa’s nomination to Peru

Good and bad news received Colo Colo for the next few weeks, it all depends on where you look at it. Gabriel Costa was nominated for the Peruvian National Team for the triple qualifying date for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Well, because it is a prize for the perseverance and good performance of the Uruguayan nationalized Peruvian in the Cacique. Bad, he will miss Colo Colo’s vital matches in the National Championship and Chile Cup.

Three games, at the bottom, Gabriel Costa will be absent. The semifinal and a hypothetical final of the Chile Cup, while the duel against O’Higgins de Rancagua on September 8 in the National Championship.

But let’s get back to the happiness of the colocolino midfielder’s nomination. The same coach Ricardo Garece, in a press conference, spoke about the call of the white player and explained why.

Gabriel Costa nominated for Peru

“We have always liked him, his attitude when he was called and his quick adaptation was positive. We all liked him.”, said the Peruvian coach, who plays his charge on this triple date.

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