Ricardo Gareca receives a millionaire offer to lead the Qatar team | VIDEO

They arrive with more ticket. The peruvian national teamwhich seeks to retain Ricardo Gareca for a new process thinking about the 2026 World Cup, it would have serious difficulties to compete with the interest of the qatar national team for having the Argentine coach after the end of his contract with Peru. Chain ESPN confirmed this unexpected interest of the World Cup organizer in the ‘Tiger‘ to take them to the next World Cup.

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The sheikhs, who are in charge of the Qatari federation, managed to make contact with the environment of Ricardo Gareca in order to let them know the interest of taking charge of the Asian team from January 2023, so that he would have the peace of mind to give an answer to the Arab team.

“Gareca no longer has, surely, the options of Colombia and of Chili, which were the teams that always called him. At the time, Boca Juniors has also been a possibility. but what has happened in the last few days has been that since the qatar national team They have been in contact with their environment, to let them know the proposal to lead this team after the World Cup “he pointed Gustavo Peralta for ESPN Peru.

ESPN journalist comments on Ricardo Gareca’s new offer (Video: ESPN)

Ricardo Gareca: How much would Qatar pay you to accept the challenge in 2026?

The economic offer and a medium-term project is what the Arab country proposes, which would be willing to reach the 5 million annual euros for the coach and his technical command, where the Peruvian would also be included Nolbert Solano.

Qatar’s offer for Ricardo Gareca is a very strong one, but it doesn’t end up being an offer that makes him think: ‘I have to go there’, because there are personal, family, language and many other issues that would stop him. This leaves him a chance with Peru, unless Boca Junior comes and makes him a specific offer in this case”, the reporter pointed out.

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The next few days will be key for the ‘Tiger’ make a final decision about your future. This has already been seen by Ricardo Gareca’s entourage and surely the Argentine coach already knew the offer in greater detail, so a lot of money is at stakeclarified the journalist from ESPN.


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