Ricardo Montaner: the first photo of Evaluna’s father taking care of his granddaughter Indigo

A few weeks ago, Camilo and Evaluna became parents of a little call Indigo. Since that day, the famous couple has shared their happiness through social networks. In this way, his followers have witnessed part of the growth of the baby. A) Yes, Ricardo Montaner, the proud grandfather, has also wanted to immortalize the love he feels for the girl. For this reason, he has published the first image where she appears with his granddaughter.

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Next, find out all the details of the photograph published by the singer in company of Indigothe daughter of Eva Luna Y Camilo.


Last May 12, Ricardo Montaner shared with his more than 8 million followers on Instagram a photograph next to his granddaughter Indigo. In this way, the interpreter evidenced that his rest time was spent next to the small and he was very smiling about it.

next to the message “Breathing Fullness”, the 64-year-old artist published a photograph where he appears lying on a bed. Beside him, you can see the feet of a baby, which are covered with beautiful red socks. Obviously, she is the firstborn of his only daughter, Eva Luna.

After tagging the creature’s parents and astonishing their fans, the snapshot is almost 80 thousand likes and close to 700 comments by users of the popular platform.


In front of the tender image, the messages of the netizens they did not wait and many of them highlighted the beauty of the moment, highlighting the importance of time shared between grandfather and granddaughter.

“So or happier the teacher”; “I can only say that I am in awe of those little feet”, “what a beautiful photo, pure love; Y “I already want to see Indigo”were some of the messages left by the followers of Montaner in the post.

Indigo is the firstborn of Evaluna and her husband (Photo: Camilo / Instagram)
Indigo is the firstborn of Evaluna and her husband (Photo: Camilo / Instagram)


Since before the birth of Indigo, Ricardo Montaner He has shown himself to be the proudest grandfather. Therefore, the day the baby came into the world, the singer-songwriter He was one of the first to announce the long-awaited news.

You can now congratulate Indigo’s grandfather. It is beautiful, we are happy. God has been good again!was the heartfelt message published by the singer through their social networks.


With the birth of the daughter of Eva Luna Y Camilothe singer has become grandfather for the fifth time. This, because the Argentine already has four grandchildren of his two eldest sons, Alexander Y Hector.

In addition, in a few more months he will welcome a new member, since his son Mauricio, a member of the duet Mau y Ricky, announced that she is expecting her firstborn. Therefore, the artist will be the happy grandfather of six children.

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