Ricardo Salinas Pliego offers a thousand dollars to the best meme about Simón Levy

Simon Levy, former Undersecretary of Tourism, was recently exhibited in videos where he appears threatening to kill and verbally assaulting his neighbor, Emma Yolanda Santos, and despite the ex-official apologizing, his altercation did not escape the eye (and the wallet) of Ricardo Salinas Pliego.

The businessman who owns Grupo Salinas, who has made his racy discussions common on Twitter, went to the social network to offerer thousand dollars who would do the best meme to describe the case of Simon Levy.

If a criticism of TV Azteca made Ricardo Salinas Pliego explode, we imagine that the insults against a citizen by a former official should irritate him greatly. La Verdad Noticias tells you the details of the case.

Salinas Pliego makes fun of Simón Levy

Salinas Pliego got “heavy” with Simon Levy’s memes.

It all started when Levy mentioned the businessman in a tweet, accusing him of being “afraid” and of orchestrating a campaign against him, to which Salinas Pliego responded by asking “Are you telling Mrs. Emma Yolanda Santos a liar ??”, along with a meme.

Among the dozens of comments that this response generated was that of a user who wondered if Ricardo Salinas’ teasing hurt Levy. Continuing the conversation, he agreed to “donate” money to whoever made the best meme, with certain conditions.

The tycoon offered $ 1,000 to whoever made the best memeAs long as you upload them to that Twitter thread, mention Simon Levy, add a thought about the former undersecretary kicking the door at Mrs. Emma Yolanda Santos, and retweet someone else.

Fortuna by Ricardo Salinas Pliego

How much money does Ricardo Salinas Pliego have?

According to Forbes magazine, Ricardo Salinas Pliego has a fortune of 15,520 million dollars in 2021, a growth of nearly $ 1 billion from 2020, when it was $ 11.7 billion.

What do you think of the case of Salinas Pliego vs Simón Levy? Thinking of making a meme to earn the brand new $ 1,000? Tell The Truth News.

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