Rickard Olsson rages against Bingolotto after the incident – the channel’s response

Rickard Olsson is not at all satisfied with Bingolotto’s decision.

Bingolotto presenters – remember them all?

After the commercial: Bingolotto presenters – remember them all?


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The TV profile Rickard Olsson, 55, is associated with popular programs such as Vem vet mest and Bingolotto. For the latter, he was program manager for two stages – between 2005 and 2008 and from 2018 to 2020.

But the end was turbulent. Rickard Olsson received harsh criticism because he worked with a cold in the midst of the raging corona pandemic and had to take sick leave. Shortly thereafter, he announced that he was leaving the program.

– My contract expires after this season and I had already decided not to extend, but to move on in my life and in my career, Olsson said in a press release.

Richard Olsson

Rickard Olsson left Bingolotto after catching a cold.

Karin Törnblom/TT

Rickard Olsson’s anger after the change: “Scandal”

But that doesn’t stop the popular host from having opinions about the show. Lotta Engberg, who filled in for Rickard Olsson during his sick leave, today runs the program together with Stefan Odelberg.

And during the premiere earlier in August, the classic and popular game Färgfemman was missing, which caused the viewers and Rickard Olsson to react strongly.

– It’s unbelievable, what a scandal, he says Happened and continues:

– My God, it’s like sawing down the savings bank. There are probably reasons but I have a hard time seeing the players understand why. Then they must have an element that is at least as good or better. Then you can accept it, but the five of a kind is a Swedish classic. It is like the core of Bingolotto.

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The lucky message: “NOT removed”

In any case, Rickard Olsson can be happy that Färgfemman’s interruption will not be particularly long-lasting. Johan Sarafian, press officer for Bingolotto, writes in an SMS that Färgfemman is back in the program on September 18.

“The color five is NOT removed as a win during the fall. It will be back shortly. In connection with the premiere, we chose to have a different game and winning structure, e.g. four bingo games”he writes to Hänt.

What good news for the viewers and Rickard Olsson!

Lotta Engberg and Stefan Odelberg

Lotta Engberg and Stefan Odelberg are presenters for Bingolotto.

Tommy Holl/TT

Photo: TT

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